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5m log cabin by timber building specialists

5m Log Cabins

Discover Our 5m-Wide Log Cabins

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Timber Building Specialists

5m Log Cabins

5m log cabin by timber building specialists

Log cabins up to 5 meters wide

Explore the expansive world of 5m-wide log cabins at Timber Building Specialists, where luxury meets functionality in our extensive range of spacious log cabins. Designed to accommodate a plethora of needs – from commercial buildings to serene garden offices – our 5m cabin collection promises not just additional space but a gateway to an enhanced lifestyle. Crafted with precision and care, each log cabin stands as a testament to quality and durability. Dive into our selection and discover your perfect log cabin.


More About Our 5m Log Cabins

  • Discover Our 5m-Wide Log Cabins

    Our 5m-wide log cabins embody the essence of spacious living. Each cabin, meticulously designed, offers ample room for creativity, relaxation, and work. Whether you envision a log cabin office bustling with productivity or a tranquil garden room for peaceful retreats, our extensive range caters to every dream. These cabins, arriving unfurnished, present a blank canvas to realise your interior design aspirations. From log cabin studios to commercial log cabins, the flexibility in usage is boundless. Embrace the potential of a 5x4m log cabin and transform it into whatever your heart desires.

  • A Symphony of Benefits: Why Choose a 5m Cabin

    Opting for a 5m cabin brings a multitude of benefits. Firstly, the sheer size ensures that whatever your purpose – be it a log cabin workspace or a cosy garden shed – there’s more than enough room to accommodate your needs. The robust construction of these log cabins guarantees longevity, standing stoically against the elements. Additionally, the superior insulation properties inherent in the thick timber walls make for an energy-efficient abode, keeping the interior pleasantly temperate throughout the seasons. Not to mention, the aesthetic appeal of a wooden house of this stature adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor space.

  • TBS132 Summerhouse/Workshop | 7.8x3.5m - Timber Building Specialists

    Crafting Your Ideal Workspace: Commercial Log Cabins

    In today's dynamic business environment, a commercial log cabin serves as the ideal solution for those seeking an unconventional yet practical timber commercial building. Our 5m-wide log cabins are perfectly suited to function as log cabin offices, studios, or workspaces, providing a serene setting away from the conventional office buzz. With ample space to house your team, conduct meetings, or store equipment, these cabins offer a unique blend of functionality and inspiration. Plus, their extensive range allows for businesses of all sizes to find a fitting structure that aligns with their brand and operational needs.

  • TBS133 Summerhouse | 6.0x4.5m - Timber Building Specialists

    Embracing Leisure: Log Cabins for Holiday Parks

    Timber Building Specialists takes pride in our vast experience crafting log cabins for holiday parks and mobile park homes. Our 5m-wide log cabins are the quintessential choice for holiday park owners looking to elevate their accommodation offerings. These residential log cabins not only provide guests with spacious, comfortable lodgings but also enhance the overall aesthetic of the park. Their durability ensures they can withstand high traffic, making them a wise investment for any holiday park. Partner with us to create an enchanting retreat that guests will yearn to return to.

building a bespoke log cabin

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Bespoke Log Cabin Experts

Can't find exactly what you're looking for in our collections? No problem! At Timber Building Specialists, we are experts in crafting bespoke log cabins tailored to your unique needs and specifications.

If our pre-designed structures don't quite meet your vision, simply send us your blueprints. We would be delighted to provide a free, no-obligation quote within just 1-3 days (sometimes hours). Our team of skilled craftsmen is ready and waiting to bring your timber building dreams to life. With Timber Building Specialists, your perfect log cabin is only a blueprint away!

5m Log Cabins Frequently Asked Questions

Discover Our 5m-Wide Log Cabins

Can I customise the interior of my 5m-wide log cabin?

Absolutely! Our log cabins come unfurnished, allowing you to tailor the interior to your exact preferences and needs. Whether it's a home office setup or a cozy living space, the possibilities are endless.

Do I need planning permission for a 5m-wide log cabin?

Yes, it's essential to check with your local authorities regarding planning permission for your log cabin. Regulations can vary, so obtaining accurate information beforehand is crucial.

Are 5m-wide log cabins suitable for commercial use?

Indeed, our 5m-wide log cabins serve excellently as commercial buildings, including offices, studios, and workspaces. They offer a unique and inviting environment for any business.

How durable are these log cabins?

Our log cabins are constructed with high-quality timber, ensuring durability and longevity. They’re designed to withstand various weather conditions, providing a reliable structure for years to come.

Can these log cabins be used in holiday parks?

Yes, our log cabins are perfect for holiday parks, offering spacious and comfortable accommodations for guests. Our experience in this sector ensures you receive a cabin that meets both your and your guests' expectations.

What support does Timber Building Specialists offer in terms of planning permission?

We provide guidance and support in navigating planning permission and building regulations. Our team is here to assist you through the process, ensuring your project complies with local laws.

Any questions?

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