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garden log cabin for sale with a pent roof and epdm

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garden log cabin for sale with a pent roof and epdm

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Timber Building Specialists is the UK's leading log cabin company with over 20 years of experience in producing and delivering customised log cabins to customers across the UK. We specialise in creating bespoke garden log cabins that are designed to fit perfectly into your outdoor space, whether it be a garden, patio or decking area. Our experienced team of designers and craftsmen draw on their knowledge of woodworking and construction to ensure each individual garden building and log cabin kits is as strong and durable as it is eye-catching. So, if you are looking for a garden cabin, view our extensive range of log cabins below to see if any one of our cabins matches your requirements, or get in touch for a more tailored approach.  

More About Our Garden Log Cabins

  • Log Cabins For Sale

    Timber Building Specialists

    At Timber Building Specialists we pride ourselves on providing great customer service and expert advice when purchasing your log cabin every step of the way - from helping you decide which type of garden cabin would be best suited to your needs, right through to installation. We understand how important it is to get the details just right when building or renovating an outdoor space, so we always take the time to discuss any questions or requests our customers may have before starting work on their projects. With decades of experience behind us we're confident that whatever kind of luxury log cabin you need, we can deliver an exceptional product that you'll enjoy for many years to come.

    Our range includes everything from smaller summer houses and garden offices right up to larger games rooms and log cabin lodges complete with insulation and all the extras for year-round use. Every garden log cabin is made using only the highest quality materials; our timber is sustainably sourced from FSC-certified forests, while our windows on all of our garden log cabins are double-glazed for extra insulation. We also offer a fitting service which will ensure your cabin looks perfect when it arrives at its destination.

  • Garden Log Cabins UK

    Huge Range Of Log Cabins

    At Timber Building Specialists, we provide a wide range of garden log cabins for residential and commercial use. We have built log cabins that range from small garden cabins, corner log cabin, garden office, insulated log cabins, garden gym, summer house, garden pub, hobby room, man cave or granny annexe' perfect for providing extra living space in your home, to larger games rooms and lodges used at holiday parks. We also can build Air BNBs and other types of accommodation as well. With Timber Building Specialists, you get all the benefits of an aesthetically pleasing traditional style garden room, perfect for all weather conditions and year-round use. The perfect choice for a garden log cabin.

  • Custom Garden Building

    Bespoke Timber Buildings

    Adding a bespoke garden cabin to your outdoor space is the perfect way to create a unique and beautiful area for you to enjoy. With so many options available, you can find the perfect garden cabin that suits your needs and style. Whether you're looking for something small and cosy or large and luxurious, there are plenty of options available from Timber Buildings UK Ltd. Our log cabins for sale come in a range of sizes, shapes, and styles, all made from premium quality timber. We also offer installation and free delivery* on all our garden cabins so you can be sure that your investment will last for years to come.

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    Do I need planning permission for my garden cabin?

    Planning Permission, the requirements

    Whether you need planning permission for a garden cabin depends on where the structure is being built and what kind of changes you plan to make. In general, most log cabins that are built within residential areas don't require planning permission, but there are some restrictions that must be met in order to avoid any potential issues with local councils.

    For instance, the height of the cabin should not exceed 2.5m, and the size must usually be restricted to less than 30 square metres (approx 6x5m). Additionally, if you plan on making any changes such as extensions or extra floors, this could alter your requirements when it comes to obtaining permission from the council. It is also important to take into account any neighbouring properties when building your garden cabin, as if you obstruct their windows or views then this could lead to potential problems with them too.

    There may also be other regulations that apply in certain regions depending on local council rules. For example, some councils may specify further criteria such as limits on how close your cabin can be built next to a boundary wall or fence. It is therefore important to check with your local authority before beginning construction so that you can ensure that your log cabin meets all necessary requirements and avoids any complications further down the line.

building a bespoke log cabin

Don't see what you're looking for?

Bespoke Log Cabin Experts

Can't find exactly what you're looking for in our collections? No problem! At Timber Building Specialists, we are experts in crafting bespoke log cabins tailored to your unique needs and specifications.

If our pre-designed structures don't quite meet your vision, simply send us your blueprints. We would be delighted to provide a free, no-obligation quote within just 1-3 days (sometimes hours). Our team of skilled craftsmen is ready and waiting to bring your timber building dreams to life. With Timber Building Specialists, your perfect log cabin is only a blueprint away!

Garden Log Cabins Frequently Asked Questions

Log Cabins For Sale

Who are the Timber Building Specialists?

We have a vast range of construction solutions available to our clients. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the industry and is well-equipped to handle any log cabin project you may need. Whether it's for residential or commercial purposes, we can work with you to create the perfect cabin for your needs.

Our team has constructed everything from a garden gym, garden cabins to a hobby room as well as several shower blocks and barracks used by companies and organisations across the country. We have also built kiosks for schools and Log cabin cafes for the National Trust which are ideal spots to enjoy a peaceful day out while admiring the natural beauty around them. In addition, we offer traditional log cabins in different shapes and sizes which are ideal for a variety of uses including summer houses, offices or even sheds to store tools in the garden

No matter what you need it for, Timber Building Specialists is here to help create the perfect garden cabin solution tailored to your specific needs. With our years of expertise in this field, you can be sure that your project will be completed on time and within budget using only quality materials provided by trusted suppliers throughout the UK.

What are the benefits of buying a log cabin?

One of the biggest benefits of buying garden buildings is that they are extremely cost effective compared to traditional brick-built structures making them an excellent choice. Log cabins are typically much less expensive than their brick counterparts, so if you’re looking for additional living space without spending a fortune then log cabins can be an ideal solution

Log cabins are also incredibly easy to construct, as all of the components are pre-cut, making it a straightforward process which can be completed relatively quickly compared to other home improvements. Furthermore, once erected, log cabins require minimal maintenance and upkeep; this makes them an ideal choice for those who don’t want the hassle of regular maintenance or repairs

Log cabins also boast excellent insulation capabilities; due to their construction from thick logs and air gaps between the logs, heat is retained effectively inside the insulated log cabin making it warm and comfortable throughout the year. This makes them ideal for use as a home office or summer house where occupants can work and relax in comfort without worrying about cold temperatures or high energy bills

In addition to offering great insulation properties, log cabins are also aesthetically pleasing pieces of construction that add character and charm to any garden or garden setting. They have a timeless style which can complement any existing surroundings while providing extra space for garden equipment adding an eye-catching focal point that will draw admiration from visitors

Finally, log cabins offer exceptional durability thanks to their solid construction and strong materials such as wood which provide protection against weathering even in harsher climates. This means that despite being relatively inexpensive, you can still expect your log cabin, or corner log cabins to stand strong against the elements for many years with only minimal maintenance required over time.

How much does a garden cabin cost?

The cost of a garden building can vary greatly depending on the size, materials and features you choose. For instance, a smaller model such as a garden shed or storage space might set you back around £1000+, whereas larger models such as those used for home offices or games rooms can be upwards of £10,000. Additionally, extra features like insulation and double glazing will also add to the total cost. Furthermore, flooring, base works and fitting will also need to be taken into consideration when budgeting for a garden log cabin.

In terms of value for money, log cabins are great investments as they last for many years with minimal upkeep. Log cabin kits are renowned for their superior durability as well as their aesthetic appeal. In fact, some log cabin kits have been known to last over 15+ years with proper maintenance and care! Plus, they’re not just limited to gardens – log cabin kits can be used in all kinds of spaces, both indoors and out.

Garden buildings come in all shapes and sizes so it’s important to do your research before making any decisions. Check out some reviews online, compare different models and decide which one best fits your needs and budget – that way you can rest assured that you’re making the right choice! With some planning and research involved, you should have no problem finding the perfect log cabin that suits your needs and budget perfectly!

What are the best uses for a log cabin?

Games Room:
A log cabin makes an ideal spot for a games room, offering a cosy and inviting atmosphere to entertain family and friends. Games such as pool, foosball, air hockey, darts and table tennis are perfect activities to enjoy within the confines of a log cabin. Not only can it provide hours of entertainment but it can also create opportunities for more intimate conversations away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With its unique character and rustic charm, a log cabin is the perfect spot to host gatherings or game nights with friends. The natural wood finish on a solid insulated log cabin provides an added layer of warmth that makes it feel like home.

Garden Bar or Pub:
For those looking for something special in their outdoor space, a log cabin can be converted into a garden bar or pub - the perfect place to relax with friends and family over drinks or meals. With their low maintenance costs, easy installation and flexibility in size, shape and design; these cabins can be outfitted with all necessary amenities such as bar stools, counters, fridges and taps to make them truly fit for purpose. Whether serving drinks on your patio or enjoying a meal outside in the warmer weather months; having a designated area, whether a traditional log cabin, corner log cabin, or a modern bespoke log cabin, you can create a space where you can entertain guests will add an extra element of fun and comfort to your garden get-togethers.

Garden/Home Office:
Working from home has never been easier than with the addition of a garden office space log cabin to your outdoor space - providing comfort, convenience and privacy that you wouldn’t have inside your house. With less distractions than ever before; having a fully functional garden office surrounded by nature allows for increased productivity without sacrificing any style or comfort. Log cabins are versatile enough so that you can tailor them precisely to meet your garden office needs without going over budget - from built-in desks, bookshelves and filing cabinets to additional features such as climate control systems; investing in one could be just what you need for the ultimate work-from-home garden office experience.

Hair Salon:
If you are looking for somewhere unique yet functional to start up your own hair salon then look no further than a log cabin! Providing unmatched character alongside practicality; these cabins make excellent places where clients can come in for haircuts or styling services while enjoying their time in comfortable surrounds. It’s also incredibly easy to install these cabins anywhere due to their modular construction which makes it simple to move if needed or expand once business picks up - giving potential customers plenty of reasons why they should choose you over any competitors nearby!

Beauty Studio:
For those looking for somewhere special yet serene enough where they feel at ease while being pampered; then look no further than investing in your own beauty studio within a log cabin! Its rustic charm will make anyone feel relaxed while still providing them with all necessary amenities they need during treatments such as waxing or facials plus any extra features required like mood lighting/music systems etc... And if needed; additional equipment like massage beds can easily be installed within the same building if desired which will make sure that everyone who visits leaves feeling refreshed both inside out!

Sauna Log Cabin:
A log cabin sauna is one of the best uses for garden buildings as it not only provides you with a relaxing environment to unwind but also has many health benefits. The warmth and humidity found in a sauna help to reduce stress and tension, while also increasing circulation and offering relief from muscle pain. In addition, the heat can aid in detoxification, improving respiratory function and strengthening your immune system. To make your log cabin sauna even more enjoyable, consider adding elements such as aromatherapy candles or scented oils to create an even more soothing atmosphere. See our Sauna Log cabins for our full range.

Storage for Products:
Our cabins can be used for storage too. Those who are running an online business or looking for some extra storage space, using a log cabin as storage for products is an excellent option. With its combination of durability, practicality, and beauty, it can be used to store anything from retail goods to equipment. It also provides natural climate control with the double glazed windows that is not typically found inside brick-and-mortar buildings; this helps ensure that goods remain safe from extreme temperatures or moisture damage. Furthermore, because of their strong construction materials and overall design aesthetic, log cabins can add value to any property they are installed on

BBQ Hut:
If you are looking for a fun way to entertain family and friends or enjoy some time outdoors cooking up delicious meals then building a BBQ hut out of a log cabin could be the ideal solution. Not only will it provide shelter from wind and rain while grilling but some models come with built-in chimneys so that smoke can escape easily without causing too much disruption. Moreover, certain hut designs come with benches or seating areas so you don’t have to stand around awkwardly waiting for food - rather you can relax and converse with those around you whilst enjoying your meal!

Snooker Room:
Snooker rooms have become increasingly popular over recent years due to their combination of social entertainment and intense competitiveness which makes them perfect for all occasions - whether that’s an evening with friends or hosting tournaments! Building one inside a log cabin has several advantages such as providing ample insulation throughout the year so that guests stay comfortable no matter what the temperature outside may be like. Furthermore, garden cabins create unique aesthetics which can really bring out the charm in any home making them ideal conversation starters too!

Art/Creative Room:
If you’re passionate about art or creativity then turning your log cabin into a hobby room or art studio could be the perfect way to express yourself whilst also engaging in your crafty activities surrounded by nature’s beauty! Many artists use their outdoor garden buildings and studios as places of solace away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life allowing them to focus on achieving masterpiece status for their paintings; plus since cabins tend to lack lighting fixtures adding natural light sources through windows will help make painting easier too, a corner log cabin is a popular option for a creative room!

Children's Playroom:
Transforming your garden room into a designated playroom is great idea if you have children as it allows them their own little space that’s away from any potential mess created throughout the house yet still offers all the fun activities which usually take place within walls! You could opt to install gaming consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox Ones along with TVs depending on age group all whilst having fun furniture options lining the walls - bean bags being one fan favourite - creating an inviting atmosphere where kids can go explore their imaginations freely without fear of judgement!

Are there customisation options available for the Garden Log Cabins?

Yes, at Timber Building Specialists, we understand that each customer has unique needs and preferences. Therefore, we offer customisable options for our Garden Log Cabins. You can choose from various sizes, designs, and additional features to create a garden building that perfectly suits your requirements.

What are some of the popular log cabins available in the Garden Log Cabin collection?

Our garden cabins collection offers a wide range of options to suit different needs and preferences. From compact garden building options perfect for small gardens to larger models that can accommodate a variety of functions, there's something for everyone. All of our garden buildings come with double glazed windows and are perfect for creating extra space. Some of our popular models include the TBS127 Games Room and TBS110 Log Cabin | 3.2x2.7m, which offer ample space and modern design.

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