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Fitting Terms & Conditions


By accepting Timber Building Specialists installation quotation you are agreeing to be bound by the following Fitting Terms and Conditions:

1. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the cabin is compliant with local planning authorities rules or building regulations.

2. Any installation date given is approximate only. As with most construction businesses, we are governed by the UK weather and therefore may occasionally have to re-arrange installation work at the last moment. Other factors which may affect the installation are accident or illness, neither of which can be predicted in advance.

3. The customer is responsible for ensuring that reasonable access to a clear working area is available for our staff to safely carry out a satisfactory installation.

4. Timber Building Specialists hold the right to amend cabin prices at any time up to the purchasing of a product. The prices on our website are subject to change. The prices shown are correct at the time of publishing, they may not be accurate in real time and may be affected by supplier price increases, border price increase, distribution price increase or tax increases or other variables. While our prices are a guide to the accurate price, on rare occasions prices may require adjusting. If an order has been placed and the price is incorrect, Timber Building Specialists holds the right to refund the payment and cancel the order.