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Summer Houses

Unleash Your Creativity with Our Customisable Corner Summer House Options

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Summer Houses

log cabin summer house

Are you dreaming of lazy summer days spent in your own private retreat? Look no further than our selection of stunning summerhouses and garden buildings. With styles ranging from classic to contemporary, we've got the perfect option to suit every taste and budget.

Our summer houses are designed with the British climate in mind, boasting sturdy construction materials and waterproof roofs to keep you dry even during the summer downpours. Plus, many of our models come with optional insulation and double glazing so you can enjoy your space year-round.

Whether you're looking for a cosy corner summer house for enjoying your morning coffee, spacious garden summer houses, or a summer house to entertain all year round, our team of experts are here to help. Not only do we offer delivery throughout mainland UK, but we also offer affordable summer house fitting options so that you can start making memories in your own garden oasis as soon as possible.

More About Our Summer Houses

  • Panta 11 Corner Log Cabin | 3.4x3.4m - Timber Building Specialists

    Unleash Your Creativity with Our Customisable Corner Summer House Options

    Looking for a unique contemporary summer house that speaks to your personal style? Look no further than our customisable summer house options! With a wide range of sizes, colours, and finishes to choose from, you can create a one-of-a-kind garden building that perfectly reflects your personality and needs. And with our expert installation services, you'll be enjoying your new summer house in no time.

  • Get Your Own Summer House Today and Experience Ultimate Relaxation

    Why settle for a crowded beach or a noisy park when you can have your very own garden summer houses to escape to? With our customisable options, you can design a summer house that perfectly fits your needs. Whether you're looking for a cosy reading nook, a spacious entertaining area to house your garden furniture, or extra garden storage we've got you covered. And with our expert installation services, you can sit back and relax while we take care of all the heavy lifting.

  • Panta 8 Corner Log Cabin | 3.4x3.4m - Timber Building Specialists

    Transform Your Garden into a Personal Paradise with Our Summerhouses

    Tired of staring at the same old views every day? It's time to mix things up and tranform your outdoor space with a stunning wooden summer house! Our log cabin summer houses are the perfect addition to any backyard, offering a peaceful retreat for all your favourite activities. Whether you love working on hobbies, spending time with friends and family, need extra storage space or just fancy taking a break from the world, we've got a garden summer house that's perfect for you.

  • Upgrade Your Summer with a Log Cabin Summer House from Timber Building Specialists

    With our beautiful selection of contemporary summer houses for sale, you'll be able to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors and garden surroundings, while soaking in the natural light without sacrificing comfort and convenience. And with our professional installation services, you can rest easy knowing that your small summer houses or corner summer houses will add the additional living space. Choose our installation service to ensure your summer house will be set up perfectly, ready for you to enjoy all season long.

building a bespoke log cabin

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Bespoke Log Cabin Experts

Can't find exactly what you're looking for in our collections? No problem! At Timber Building Specialists, we are experts in crafting bespoke log cabins tailored to your unique needs and specifications.

If our pre-designed structures don't quite meet your vision, simply send us your blueprints. We would be delighted to provide a free, no-obligation quote within just 1-3 days (sometimes hours). Our team of skilled craftsmen is ready and waiting to bring your timber building dreams to life. With Timber Building Specialists, your perfect log cabin is only a blueprint away!

Summer Houses Frequently Asked Questions

Unleash Your Creativity with Our Customisable Corner Summer House Options

What materials are used to construct your summerhouses?

We use high-quality timber and other durable materials to construct our summerhouses, ensuring that your investment will last for years to come. Plus, all of our products are sourced from sustainable forests to reduce our environmental impact.

Can I customise the design of my summerhouse?

Absolutely! We offer a variety of options for customising the design of your garden summer house, with different styles and sizes including double glazed windows and double doors, roofing materials, and more. Just let us know what you're looking for and we'll work with you to create a unique and personalised space to enrich your everyday life.

What type of maintenance is required for my summerhouse?

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity of your summerhouse, but we make it easy with our low-maintenance materials and construction. We recommend applying a protective coating every few years to keep your summerhouse looking like new, and regularly cleaning the exterior to prevent build-up of dirt and debris.

How long does installation take?

Installation time can vary depending on the size and complexity of your summerhouse. However, our expert installation team can typically complete the process within a day or two.

What are the key benefits of opting for a summer house log cabin in my garden?

A summer house log cabin offers a multitude of benefits. It acts as a versatile addition to your garden, providing a serene retreat for relaxation or a dedicated space for hobbies and entertainment. Log cabins are also known for their natural insulation properties, maintaining a comfortable temperature year-round. Moreover, they add significant value to your property both aesthetically and financially. With robust construction, our cabins provide a durable, eco-friendly solution that blends harmoniously with the outdoor environment.

Can a summer house log cabin be used as an all-season garden office?

Absolutely, our summer house log cabins can be tailored to serve as all-season garden offices. They are constructed with high-quality timber that ensures robustness, and with the addition of adequate insulation and heating options, they can be made comfortable for use throughout the year. Many customers enjoy the benefit of working from a tranquil garden setting, which provides a psychological separation between home and work life, nurturing productivity and well-being.

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