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70mm Logs - Timber Building Specialists

70mm Logs

Log Cabins Using 70mm Thick Logs | Tongue & Groove

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70mm Logs

70mm Logs - Timber Building Specialists
70mm Tongue & Groove logs are specially designed logs used in the construction of log cabins. These logs fit into each other using a "tongue and groove" joint, which is where one end of the log has a protruding wooden tongue that fits into the groove on another piece of wood. This type of joint provides superior strength and stability to the log cabin walls and helps protect against external forces such as wind or other environmental factors.

The benefits of using 70mm Tongue & Groove logs for log cabins are numerous. For example, they provide superior insulation due to the airtight seal created by their fitting structure, ensuring that your cabin is warm during those cold winter months. These logs also provide excellent soundproofing qualities, helping you keep out any unwanted noise from outdoors while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere indoors. Additionally, they make for easy installation with minimal effort required compared to alternate methods such as conventional framing or post and beam construction

In terms of aesthetics, these 70mm Tongue & Groove logs give your cabin an authentic rustic feel while still providing it with all the modern amenities you need for comfortable living. Furthermore, these logs are highly durable and resistant to decay, meaning that your cabin will continue to look beautiful for years to come with proper regular maintenance.

Overall, 70mm Tongue & Groove logs provide superior longevity with excellent insulation and soundproofing qualities for your log cabin home without compromising on aesthetics or convenience in installation.

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