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BBQ Huts

BBQ Huts and Grill cabins - Timber Building Specialists

BBQ Huts, Grill Cabins & Kota Huts

BBQ Huts by Timber Building Specialists are an ideal solution for those looking to enjoy outdoor cooking and dining in the comfort of a building specifically made for entertaining. Constructed with high-quality timber, these purpose-built BBQ huts provide shelter from the elements and offer plenty of space for grilling and entertaining guests.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional garden design or something a little more contemporary, Timber Building Specialists have a range of BBQ huts designs that can cater to your individual needs and aesthetics. From small cabins with just enough room for 4 people to open bbq hut or a bbq lodge with twin bbq hut with a connection between the two bbq cabins, ideal for a grill area and a sleeping room or sauna area - there is something for every requirement. Timber Building Specialists’ experienced team will help you plan out what works best for your garden needs based on their years of experience in the industry.

More About Our BBQ Huts

  • BBQ Huts & Grill Cabins

    A BBQ Hut is a great way of adding extra living space to your home and garden. Constructed from the finest quality timber, by Timber Building Specialists, BBQ Huts are an attractive and practical extension to any outdoor space.

    Our BBQ Huts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. From traditional octagonal structures, there are plenty of options available to ensure your BBQ Hut blends perfectly with the rest of your home and garden décor. The range includes insulated huts for year-round use, with double-glazed windows for added protection against the elements.

    All Timber Building Specialists' BBQ Huts and bbq grill log cabins are constructed using only high-grade timbers that have been carefully sourced to ensure stability and longevity – making them capable of enduring extreme weather conditions throughout the UK without compromising on aesthetics or functionality!

    They also undergo regular maintenance checks prior to being sold so customers can rest assured they’re receiving a product that has been built to last and serves its purpose beautifully!

  • BBQ hut & grill cabin

    Timber Buildings BBQ Huts

    Timber Building Specialists offer fully bespoke solutions customised to meet your exact requirements. Their expert team will work closely with you through every step of the design process, ensuring they create a BBQ Hut that is tailored to fit perfectly into your existing environment. All their huts are manufactured by experienced craftsmen using only the best quality materials sourced from sustainable sources. This allows them to guarantee that all their products are both environmentally friendly and incredibly durable - perfect for even the trickiest weather conditions!

    Once complete, all Timber Building Specialist’s BBQ Huts come with everything needed for putting together a great outdoor cooking area. Fire pits, grills and other accessories can be provided on request; meaning you have everything you need for al fresco dining without the hassle of having to construct it yourself! With their unique designs crafted from high-quality materials – there’s no better way to create a wonderful outdoor area for entertaining family and friends throughout the year.

  • What are the benefits of BBQ huts?

    BBQ huts are the perfect outdoor structure for those wanting to enjoy outdoor living, gatherings and entertaining friends and family. A Timber Building Specialists’ BBQ hut offers a range of benefits, including increased privacy, protection from the elements and an attractive aesthetic for your garden or patio. As well as providing additional covered space for dining or entertaining, BBQ huts provide you with a cosy place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The use of high-quality timber ensures that the structure is long-lasting and can be enjoyed year-round, whatever the weather. The timber also has strong thermal qualities, meaning it provides superior insulation compared to other materials such as plastics or metals. BBQ huts typically come in straight wall bbq hut cabin style, whereas other cabin style tend to have a slight angle. Our BBQ cabins use both the straight wall and angled bbq hut style. This wonderful outdoor space is available in a variety of finishes to suit any taste and budget - whether you opt for a modern design with sleek lines or a more traditional look with intricate wood carvings, Timber Building Specialists have something to offer all tastes.

  • MAGNUS BBQ Grill Cabin 22 m2 Internal

    Smaller BBQ Huts to Large BBQ Huts, We Do It All!

    BBQ huts offer a great way to entertain outdoors in any weather and any season. They provide protection from the elements while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. BBQ huts come in many different sizes and styles, allowing you to find one that will fit your needs and budget, giving you a comfortable space for family and friends to gather. Benefits of BBQ huts include protection from rain and sun, insulation, improved heat retention due to their design as well as options for additional features such as benches, fireplaces, countertops and more. BBQ huts also provide an attractive addition to any outdoor space with their stylish designs that can be customised to match existing outdoor décor and landscape

building a bespoke log cabin

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Can't find exactly what you're looking for in our collections? No problem! At Timber Building Specialists, we are experts in crafting bespoke log cabins tailored to your unique needs and specifications.

If our pre-designed structures don't quite meet your vision, simply send us your blueprints. We would be delighted to provide a free, no-obligation quote within just 1-3 days (sometimes hours). Our team of skilled craftsmen is ready and waiting to bring your timber building dreams to life. With Timber Building Specialists, your perfect log cabin is only a blueprint away!

BBQ Huts Frequently Asked Questions

BBQ Huts & Grill Cabins

Do you need planning permission for a BBQ Hut?

Whether or not you need planning permission for a BBQ Hut depends on the size, shape and location of where it will be placed. Generally speaking, any permanent structure which is larger than 2.5 metres high or over 25 square metres in floor space requires planning permission. If you’re thinking of installing a BBQ hut on your property, it’s best to check with your local authority first before purchasing one.

What are the best uses for a BBQ Hut?

BBQ huts can be used for a variety of purposes – from entertaining guests in the garden to providing shelter from sun or rain during outdoor activities like camping trips or barbecues. Some people use them as home offices or studios while others use them as greenhouses or potting sheds.

Whatever the purpose may be, Timber Building Specialists will help you find the perfect solution tailored to meet your needs The best uses for a BBQ hut are those that allow multiple people to gather together in comfort while enjoying an outdoor meal or event without having worry about the weather conditions outside or being exposed too much sunlight or wind chill factors that can quickly turn an enjoyable day into one filled with discomfort due mainly to the elements outside.

With a BBQ hut providing shelter, families can spend time together whilst remaining close by yet still feeling comfortable thanks to its protective shell that blocks out most external forces of nature including pests like mosquitos which could otherwise prove a nuisance during certain months of the year when they become active again after winter season ends.

The benefits that come with owning a BBQ hut make them ideal for many uses – from simply finding a quiet spot away from the house where you can relax in peace; creating an extra room outside where you can entertain guests; or providing shelter when hosting large events such as wedding receptions or corporate gatherings - the possibilities are endless! What’s more, they offer superior levels of insulation which keeps the temperature consistent regardless of season - making them perfect as a year-round solution!

What kind of maintenance is required with a BBQ hut?

Maintenance requirements for a BBQ hut may vary based on individual climate conditions but generally speaking, it's important to inspect all metal fasteners regularly for rust and replace them if necessary since they can become loose over time due to weathering effects such as wind and rain. Taking care of minor repairs before they become major issues is also essential, along with making sure the roof stays in good condition since this part of the structure will bear most of the brunt when it comes outdoor forces like wind and rain.

Most Common Questions For BBQ Huts

1. How much does a BBQ hut cost?

Prices for BBQ huts vary depending on size, finish and quality of materials used but generally start from around £999 upwards. Of course, larger structures require higher material expenses which increase the cost accordingly but are still very competitive when compared against similar products in the marketplace – especially considering the level of quality offered by Timber Building Specialists’ products. The cost of a BBQ hut can vary depending on size, design and location but typically range from £2,000 - £20,000 GPB or more depending on additional features such as integrated seating areas, fireplaces etc. It is important to always choose a quality product over one that is less expensive if you want it to last for years to come with minimal maintenance required

2. Where can I find BBQ huts for sale?

Timber Building Specialists offer their range of BBQ huts for sale via their website as well as through an extensive network of approved retailers nationwide - some can even come pre-assembled if desired. Alternatively, customers can contact their team directly who will be able to arrange delivery anywhere in Europe with ease due to their years of experience in this industry sector. Timber Building Specialists have several types of high-quality BBQ huts for sale at competitive prices. Our range includes classic Nordic-style cabins with traditional gable roofs; contemporary designs featuring flat roofs; open-air constructions; custom-built options; and more! We have something for everyone regardless of their budget or project requirements so make sure to browse through our selection today!

3. How durable are BBQ huts?

Our BBQ Huts are incredibly durable due to their construction using high-grade wood treated against rot – making them ideal for outdoor use all year round in any climate conditions! All wooden parts are connected using stainless steel screws and special glues which further increase durability and longevity while eliminating frequent maintenance costs over time.

4. What is the best way to insulate a BBQ hut?

The best way to insulate a BBQ hut is to install insulation like foam board or fiberglass that has an R-value of 5 or higher. Even if there isn't much space in the structure, you should still try to get as much insulation as possible because it will help keep the interior temperature comfortable and also reduce heating costs during colder months. Additionally, for optimal insulation results, be sure to seal any air gaps around windows and doors with caulk or weatherstripping.

5. How long does it take to build a BBQ hut?

Building a BBQ hut can take anywhere from 1 day up to several weeks depending on size, type of materials used and skill level of the builder(s). Larger structures can require more time due to needing additional materials and carpentry skills. Additionally, installation of any electrical wiring and plumbing would need to be considered when estimating build times.

6. Are there any special considerations when installing a BBQ hut?

When installing a BBQ hut there are some specific considerations that need taken into account such as ensuring the structure is placed in an area that won't interfere with other buildings or be damaged by flooding, extreme winds or other outside elements. It's also important to ensure the desired placement fits within any zoning laws for the area so you don’t have any problems with local authorities down the line. It's always advisable to work with qualified professionals who are experienced in building outdoor structures like BBQ huts in order to ensure everything meets all applicable regulations and codes. BBQ Hut installation is relatively straightforward thanks to helpful instructions provided by Timber Building Specialists which makes assembly easy even for an amateur builder. All components are easy to slot together with minimal effort required; meaning anyone can build their own personal retreat in no time at all! Plus, if you need any additional assistance during assembly then they can also provide help on request making sure everything goes smoothly throughout the process of building the bbq cabin.

7. What materials are used for BBQ Huts?

Timber material plays an important role in the quality of construction when it comes to BBQ huts. As log cabin specialists, we only high-quality materials sourced from trusted suppliers who meet strict standards of durability and longevity. This ensures that your building will be able to withstand even harsh weather conditions without any issues over time. Furthermore, all timber used is treated with stain and preservatives so as to ensure lasting protection from termites, rot and other forms of decay that could potentially damage the structure over time

8. Can you customise a BBQ Hut?

For additional features such as windows or doors, these too can be added on request by the experts at Timber Building Specialists who will guide you through every step necessary so as to create something truly unique that fits perfectly in your home’s exterior landscape. So why not get started today? Contact us today for more information about barbecue huts and how we can help make your dream BBQ hut come alive!

9. Can I use a BBQ hut as my primary cooking area?

A BBQ hut can absolutely be used as a primary cooking area although typically these types of structures are better suited as secondary areas where friends and family can gather while meals are being prepared over open flames or grills located elsewhere on site such as outdoors on a patio or deck area nearby. Utilising your BBQ hut for both cooking and socialising allows you to enjoy your outdoor living space even more by creating different zones where people can congregate while food is being prepared away from direct heat sources which makes it more enjoyable for everyone involved in the bbq cabin!

Enjoying Outdoor Living

BBQ huts are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative way to enjoy outdoor living. BBQ cabins provide a sheltered and comfortable space for friends and family to gather and make socially distanced gatherings even more enjoyable. Not only do they offer protection from the elements, but they also give you a great excuse to get out of the house and appreciate nature in a different way! There’s plenty of room inside them for barbecues, seating areas and even storage so you can keep everything organized and clean away easily when finished.

How many BBQ Huts do you have available?

Timber Building Specialists have some of the finest BBQ Huts available today. All models have been designed with practicality in mind, featuring raised roofs to allow plenty of headroom inside and insulation that provides improved thermal performance all year round so you can use your BBQ hut even during the artic winter months! All materials are ethically sourced using renewable energy sources wherever possible so that their products are as eco-friendly as possible. Their BBQ Huts come in various sizes and designs meaning there’s one to suit every garden size and taste - making your ultimate dream outside living space just that little bit closer! You can also find our BBQ huts on our sister site log cabin specialists.

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