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TBS168 Log Cabin | 3.5x5m

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28mm Flooring Included

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TBS168 Log Cabin | 3.5x5m

Log Cabin For Sale


From the Timber Building Specialists


This 3.5m by 5m log cabin, constructed with 68mm logs, provides a cosy and spacious 1 bed lodge. Experience the charm of a classic log cabin with modern craftsmanship.

Log Cabin Specifications

• 68mm Logs
• 3.5x5m


At Timber Building Specialists, we offer nationwide delivery across the UK for all our products. Our delivery vehicles are specially designed to cater to different products, and we rely on our customers to inform us of any restrictions when ordering. Generally, we require a 10ft wide clear access with a 10ft height restriction, but with our expertise and experience, we can overcome most obstacles as long as we are informed in advance. In some cases, an additional fee may be charged. Our friendly and professional staff are always available to assist you in case of any doubts, so please do not hesitate to contact us.


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If you would like to make amendments to one of our cabins, or would you prefer a fully bespoke design,Fill in our custom log cabin form with some details on your project and upload your plans for a free, no obligation quote. Our experienced team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Log Cabin Features

Features of the TBS168 Log Cabin | 3.5x5m

TBS168 Log Cabin | 3.5x5m - Timber Building Specialists

More About Our Premium Range

  • Speciality Logs

    We take pride in offering Speciality Logs tailored to your specific needs. Our products are available in two exceptional log grades: Summer House Grade and Living House Grade. The Summer House Grade is ideal for those looking for a seasonal retreat, with a robust wall thickness of 44mm or more providing ample insulation for the warmer months. For those seeking a year-round residence, our Living House Grade is the perfect choice. With a substantial wall thickness of 90mm or more, these logs offer superior thermal insulation, keeping your cabin warm during the colder months.

  • Tilt & Turn Windows

    At Timber Building Specialists, we prioritise both functionality and design in our premium log cabins. Our Tilt and Turn windows and doors are a testament to this commitment. These unique features allow you to change the angle of the window opening to adjust the level of ventilation according to your needs. In the 'tilt' position, the window opens from the top for secure ventilation, while in the 'turn' position, it swings inward for easy cleaning and maximum airflow.

    Upgrade your living experience with our premium log cabins, where style meets comfort and practicality.

  • Premium Doors

    At Timber Building Specialists, our Premium Doors are more than just an entryway - they're a statement of quality and craftsmanship. Constructed with robust wooden slats, these doors exude a rustic charm while providing exceptional durability. Our doors are fitted with high-quality locks for enhanced security, ensuring peace of mind alongside aesthetic appeal. The durable seals are designed to withstand the elements, offering excellent weather resistance and thermal insulation. Additionally, the adjustable hinges allow for effortless operation and perfect alignment, contributing to a seamless door experience.

More From The Timber Building Specialists

  • Pre-painted Doors & Windows

    For each log cabin, the finishing touches make all the difference. That's why our premium range log cabins come with pre-painted doors and windows, saving you time and effort on post-construction decoration. Available in a classic white or a sleek anthracite grey, our pre-painted options add an elegant touch to your cabin while offering excellent durability. These high-quality paint finishes not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your cabin but also provide an additional layer of protection against the elements. With our pre-painted doors and windows, you can enjoy a stylish, maintenance-free living environment from day one.

  • Nationwide Fitting & Base installation

    At the Timber Building Specialists we offer Nationwide Fitting & Base installation. Each fitting and installation quote is bespoke to your log cabin requirements, therefore we ask you to get in touch with us via phone or email for an accurate quote and time frame.

  • Customised Log Cabins

    At Timber Building Specialists, we provide bespoke log cabins that are built to your exact requirements. Create a unique design tailored to your specific needs, and our experienced staff can help you plan out your cabin layout, size and style. With us, you can choose from a variety of layouts and custom options such as the size, shape, and positioning of windows, doors and verandas.

    More Information:
    Base Installation, Log Cabin Fitting

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TBS168 Log Cabin | 3.5x5m - Timber Building Specialists
Premium Log Cabins For Sale

TBS168 Log Cabin | 3.5x5m


From the Timber Building Specialists


This 3.5m by 5m log cabin, constructed with 68mm logs, provides a cosy and spacious 1 bed lodge. Experience the charm of a classic log cabin with modern craftsmanship.

Log Thickness

  • 68mm


  • 28mm Floor Logs + 14mm Double Glazed W&D
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