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Case Study: Transforming a Space into a Bespoke Log Cabin Games Room in Rugby

log cabin games room

Delivering Multifunctional Spaces with Timber Building Specialists

At Timber Building Specialists, we pride ourselves on our ability to create unique, bespoke spaces that cater to our clients' distinct needs. In this case study, we showcase how we successfully transformed a 7m x 5m space in Rugby into an impressive games room, complete with a lounge area, pool room, and garden bar.


log cabin games room in Rugby 

Understanding the Challenge: A Games Room and Lounge

Our client came to us with a vision of creating a multifunctional space that could serve as a comfortable lounge area and a robust games room simultaneously. The challenge lay in designing and constructing a structure that could accommodate a heavy pool table while retaining a relaxed, inviting atmosphere for lounging.

log cabin games room with big TV in Rugby

Crafting the Solution: A Bespoke Log Cabin

To achieve this goal, we set out to design a log cabin using 68mm wall logs. This provided the necessary strength and insulation for this multi-use space. Residential-grade doors and windows were selected for their durability and aesthetic appeal and pre-painted to match the overall design.

We further reinforced the timber-framed base to withstand the weight of the pool table and lounge furniture. We added decking trim and steps to complete the project, resulting in a stunning, functional space that perfectly met the client's requirements.


log cabin games room in Rugby

The Result: A Stunning Games Room and Lounge

After four days of diligent work, the construction of the log cabin, including the base, was completed. But our commitment to delivering a top-notch product didn't stop there. We spent an additional five days applying a professional painting finish to both the interior and exterior of the cabin.

Dressed in anthracite and brilliant white, the cabin exuded a modern, clean aesthetic that perfectly complemented the surrounding garden. The dark grey laminate flooring not only offered additional insulation but also enhanced the cabin's longevity.

log cabin games room in Rugby

Customer Review: Exceeding Expectations

"Our new games room has exceeded our expectations. Timber Building Specialists delivered a high-quality log cabin, complete with a professional painting finish. The result is a stunning space that serves as our garden bar and pool room. We're impressed by their efficiency, completing the project in less than two weeks!"

This rugby project is a testament to our ability to deliver bespoke spaces tailored to our clients' unique needs. Whether you're looking for a games room, pool room, garden bar, or any other type of log cabin, we at Timber Building Specialists are ready to turn your vision into reality. Explore our professional painting services and see how we can transform your space.


log cabin games room in Rugby

log cabin games room in Rugby


log cabin games room in Rugby


log cabin games room in Rugby

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