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Building a Bespoke Call Centre for Nationwide Hauliers Keedwells: A Case Study

Building a Bespoke Call Centre for Nationwide Hauliers Keedwells: A Case Study

Building a Bespoke Call Centre for Nationwide Hauliers Keedwells: A Case Study

Building a Bespoke Call Centre for Nationwide Hauliers Keedwells: A Case Study

Keedwells, a leading haulier in the UK, came to us with a unique requirement: they needed a spacious, well-planned call centre to accommodate their growing team. Armed with our expertise and a clear vision, we took it upon ourselves to deliver a log cabin office structure that would not only meet but exceed their expectations.



Confident team of experts planning the construction of Keedwells' call centre

Crafting a Tailor-Made Solution

The project required the construction of a 20m x 7m building on a plot where only timber structures were allowed. Despite the restrictions, we were excited to take on the challenge and create a space that would house 20 full-time staff members comfortably.

The bespoke blueprint included:

  • Two large offices for staff
  • One manager's office
  • Two toilets
  • One kitchen
  • One power room
  • One access corridor

Blueprints of the bespoke timber building designed specifically for Keedwells

A Focus on Structural Integrity

Understanding that a stable structure was non-negotiable, we used 90mm Solid Glulam Laminated logs for the main construction. We also ensured that the building was properly insulated with 100mm insulation for both the floor and roof.

The call centre was fitted with 26mm double-glazed doors and windows, pre-painted in a sleek Anthracite grey, and the flooring was finished with commercial-grade laminate. To ensure comfort all year round, we installed an air conditioning system.

Nivec Electrical professionals installing extensive network cabling in the new call centre

Partnering with Nivec Electrical

Our trusted partners, Nivec Electrical, played a crucial role in this project. Their expertise ensured the successful installation of the extensive network and electrical cabling, downlighters, and floor sockets.

Commercial-grade laminate flooring being laid down by experienced workers

Overcoming Challenges and Delivering On Time

Despite a few delays due to heavy rain, we managed to complete the construction within a tight timescale of three weeks. This was achieved by ensuring seamless coordination between the electrical and plumbing trades.

The final touches, including external painting in Speculum and landscaping, are currently underway.

Anthracite grey pre-painted double-glazed windows and doors, adding a sleek finish to the building
The Result: A High-Quality, Efficient Workspace

With a combination of careful planning, quality materials, and expert execution, we were able to deliver a functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace that reflected Keedwells' brand image.

We're proud to say that the new call centre is not just a timber building – it's a testament to our commitment to creating spaces that empower businesses and their teams.


Solid 90mm Glulam Laminated logs, showcasing our commitment to structural integrity

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