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French Gîte Garage - Timber Building Specialists

French Gîte Garage

French Gîte Garage

French Gîte Garage - Timber Building Specialists

Timber Building Specialists - Update on our French Adventure!


We are currently making fantastic progress on the French Gîte Garage in the beautiful setting. This Timber Building is a very spacious 6m x 6m in size, large enough to have room for a garage and Gite living space

The gite features a fully installed En suite shower room and Hand made oak kitchen. The Timber Building features 70mm Logs for the walls keeping it nice and warm during the colder months, has been Fully insulated and cladded walls. We've even used Osmo paint inside and out for a lovely finish!
Blog Body: Here are some pictures of the progress we have made

This is the finished product




The French Gîte Garage is a beautiful and practical Timber Building that will withstand the test of time!

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