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French Gite Log Cabin

French Gite Log Cabin – Customer Update

French Gite Log Cabin – Customer Update

French Gite Log Cabin

Timber Building Specialists

At Timber Building Specialists, we are proud to have installed this beautiful French Gité log cabin. This unique project was a 6m x 6m multi-purpose Gité and garage combined, making it the perfect holiday accommodation for family and friends.

Inside, the cabin is fitted with an en suite shower room, a custom made oak kitchen and 70mm thick logs for extra insulation. Every wall has been fully insulated and cladded for superior protection from the elements. Additionally, Osmo paint coats both the interior and exterior surfaces, ensuring a durable finish against fading or weathering over time

The building itself sits on a raised foundation of concrete blocks which has also been treated with Osmo paint to protect it from harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain or snowfall. The windows are double glazed to keep warm air in during the winter months and shutters are fitted outside to let in light while keeping out excess heat during summertime

The roof of the French Gité log cabin is constructed using galvanised steel sheets as well as shingles on certain areas. These materials provide durability against strong winds and other extreme weather conditions that may affect this area of France. Furthermore, additional waterproofing has been added to ensure no water can penetrate into any of the joints or seams of the structure itself – perfect for those rainy days!

Overall, this stunning French Gité Log Cabin has been built to last for many years to come; its superior features providing warmth and comfort all year round. If you’re looking for a unique holiday escape that’s sure to turn heads, then look no further than Timber Building Specialists' French Gité Log Cabin!

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