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Completed 5m x 3m log cabin by Timber Building Specialists

Transforming Outdoor Living Spaces in Guildford, UK

Transforming Outdoor Living Spaces in Guildford, UK

Completed 5m x 3m log cabin by Timber Building Specialists

Introduction to a Bespoke Log Cabin Installation

In the heart of Guildford, UK, Timber Building Specialists embarked on a distinctive project that would redefine the concept of outdoor living spaces. The task at hand was the design and installation of a 5m x 3m log cabin, constructed with premium 68mm logs. This case study outlines not only the intricate process of building this cabin but also underscores the reasons why Timber Building Specialists is the go-to choice for such sophisticated projects.



The Project Overview

Our team was approached to create a bespoke log cabin that would serve as a versatile outdoor space for our client. Using 68mm logs, our goal was to construct a durable, yet aesthetically pleasing structure that seamlessly blended with its natural surroundings in Guildford, UK. The project included a sturdy timber base equipped with a Damp Proof Membrane and an EPDM rubber roof, ensuring longevity and resilience against the UK's variable weather conditions. Remarkably, the entire fitting work was completed flawlessly in just 2 days, showcasing our team's efficiency and expertise.


laying out the logs for the timber construction


Initial timber framed base preparation for Guildford log cabin project


Applying damp proof membrane on timber base for log cabin


First layer of 68mm logs being added to Guildford cabin


Construction progress of 5m x 3m log cabin with logs in place




Mid-construction view showing the structural details of log cabin


Final touches being applied to the log cabin's exterior


Installing EPDM rubber roofing on Guildford log cabin


Completed 5m x 3m log cabin by Timber Building Specialists


Exterior finished view of the Guildford log cabin with EPDM roof and uPVC windows


Why Choose Timber Building Specialists?

Choosing Timber Building Specialists means opting for unmatched quality and craftsmanship. Our dedication to utilising sustainable materials, combined with our meticulous attention to detail, sets us apart in the industry. The 5m x 3m log cabin project in Guildford highlights our capability to deliver customised solutions that meet our clients' unique needs and preferences. Whether it's the selection of 68mm logs for enhanced insulation or the precision in constructing the timber base, every step is carried out with the utmost care and professionalism.


In summary, the 5m x 3m log cabin project in Guildford, UK, exemplifies the craftsmanship, efficiency, and personalised service that Timber Building Specialists offers. Our ability to transform visions into reality, coupled with our dedication to quality and sustainability, makes us the preferred choice for clients looking for exceptional outdoor living solutions.

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