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The Different Uses For Your Log Cabin

The Different Uses For Your Log Cabin - Timber Building Specialists

The Best Uses For A Garden Timber Building

Building a log cabin is a large investment, however, there are several different uses for your log cabin, some you may not have even thought about, this is what we are going to talk about today. Keep reading to find out the different things you can use your log cabin for.



This is one of the most popular uses for a log cabin. A summerhouse is a beautiful addition to a garden. Having a nice log cabin to relax in with a book makes all the difference. You can spend your summer mornings out here relaxing with a cup of tea, making notes of everything you need to get done that day. A summerhouse is also a great storage space for things like gardening equipment, bikes, BBQ, garden furniture, and anything else you keep in your garden. If you are someone with a pool, you can turn your summerhouse into a pool house with somewhere to keep all your pool features and equipment. A summer house is a great addition, and you can make hundreds of uses out of it.



Home Office

With the recent pandemic, millions of people have had no choice but to work from home. Turn your log cabin into a home office. Having your home office in your garden will almost make it feel like you are leaving for work every day and give you that sense of routine. If you are working in your home, there can be tons of distractions such as if you have children or other members of your household are also working from home. Yes, it is enjoyable working from your home, but this can be draining and exhausting as you may not be as productive as you like. Having a home office that is detached from your home will give you the quiet, productive space you need so you can complete work as efficiently as possible. Also having a home office in your log cabin is the perfect space and quiet place for those zoom meetings that we have gotten so used to.


Children’s Playroom

The older children get, the more stuff they have and eventually they need more room. This might not even be the problem; you might just want them to play in their own space. Turning your log cabin into a playroom for your children is a great idea to give them their own space to do whatever they please. Another thing to note is that as they get older and are inviting more friends round or you have more children, you could convert the playroom into a spare bedroom, they might appreciate this (especially when they get to be teenagers). When your children move out, you can keep this as a bedroom for when they come to visit or for guest accommodation.


DIY Workshop

If you are someone who loves DIY and loves to build things, you can turn your log cabin into a workshop, not only this, but it would also make for a great space to store your tools and equipment. A log cabin is a safe space to store your tools away from children and if you are the only one with a key then you are the only person with access to it. You can buy log cabins with large windows so a lot of natural light will be coming in, perfect for a workspace.



Again, since the beginning of the pandemic, people have been loving doing home workouts and dread the commute to the gym every day. A lot of people would love a home gym. If you have a log cabin and are someone who goes to the gym regularly, why don’t you convert your log cabin into a home gym? Yes, a log cabin and gym equipment are an investment but think of the money you will save on gym memberships every year. Having a gym in your garden as well means that you have no excuse to not fit a workout into your daily routine. This will help you to feel more motivated and productive.


Games Room / Snooker Room

No matter what your passion is, video games, traditional games tables or snooker, our Timber garden buildings are perfect for carving out your own space for gaming. Many of our customers set up their Log Cabins with a bar, televisions, and snooker tables to hone in on their love for snooker and have a space to enjoy that passion away from their house. In addition to that, some like to take advantage of the space for pool tables, football tables and maybe a garden bar

No matter what you enjoy, you’ll find the perfect space for it with our log cabins.


Beauty Salon/ Hair Salon

If you are a beautician or a hairdresser who works for themselves why don’t you convert your log cabin into a workspace? This will again save you money in the long run as you are not paying another salon to rent their chair, so you have an income. A lot of people would rather go to someone’s house to get their hair and makeup done rather than a salon as they may find it quite overwhelming. A log cabin will provide you with privacy as well as you can customise the salon to your taste and style.


Spare Guest Room

If you are a sociable person, you may often have guests over staying with you throughout the year. A great idea would be to convert your log cabin into a guest room. A guest room gives your visitors the privacy that you never really get when you are visiting someone’s home which is great. Converting your log cabin as well saves you from having to build any extensions onto your home to have a guest room. You can create your guest room to your taste and make it as cosy and comfortable as possible, you can make it a lovely place to stay.

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As you can see there are many uses for converting your log cabin into anything you wish. Will you be converting your log cabin? For more information on log cabins or if you are interested in investing in one. Contact Timber Building Specialists today.

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