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National Rifle Association 2 Bed Lodge - Case Study

National Rifle Association 2 Bed Lodge - Case Study

Customer Case Study: Crafting a 2-Bedroom Lodge at the National Rifle Association Site

At Timber Building Specialists, we pride ourselves on creating bespoke timber structures that blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings while providing the highest standards of comfort and durability. Our latest project—a 2-bedroom lodge log cabin at the prestigious National Rifle Association (NRA) site in Bisley, Guildford—is an exemplary showcase of these principles.


Project Overview

Location: National Rifle Association Site, Bisley, Guildford
Project: Custom 2-Bedroom Lodge
Size: 12 meters by 6 meters

The NRA site is known for its rich history and beautiful landscapes, making it an ideal location for a bespoke timber lodge. This project aims to provide spacious and comfortable accommodation that complements the site's natural beauty while delivering robust functionality.


Design and Planning

The planning phase began with a comprehensive consultation with the NRA to understand their needs and vision. The main objectives were to create a lodge that:

  • Offers ample space for comfortable living
  • Utilizes high-quality materials for durability
  • Incorporates insulation for energy efficiency
  • Blends aesthetically with the surrounding environment

Based on these requirements, our team designed a 2-bedroom lodge measuring 12 meters by 6 meters. The structure features robust 70mm logs, chosen for their durability and aesthetic appeal, ensuring the lodge stands the test of time.

2 bedroom lodge

Construction Process

The construction process was divided into several key phases:

Phase 1: Foundation and Log Placement

The first step involved preparing the foundation, ensuring it was level and stable to support the structure. Once the foundation was ready, our team began placing the 70mm thick wall logs. Each log was meticulously positioned to ensure a perfect fit, achieving both structural integrity and visual harmony.

Phase 2: Roof and Floor Insulation

To guarantee comfort throughout the year, we incorporated advanced insulation techniques for both the roof and the floor. This not only enhances thermal efficiency but also contributes to energy savings, making the lodge eco-friendly.

Phase 3: External and Internal Finishes

The external finishes included painting and sealing the logs to protect against weather elements while maintaining the natural rustic charm. Internally, we focused on creating a cozy yet functional living space, paying attention to every detail from flooring to fixtures.

2 bedroom lodge

Challenges and Solutions

Every construction project comes with its unique set of challenges, and this lodge was no exception. Some of the key challenges included:

Challenge 1: Weather Conditions

Building in an outdoor setting often means contending with unpredictable weather. Rain and wind can delay construction and affect material quality. To mitigate this, we used weatherproof materials and scheduled critical tasks during favorable weather conditions.

Challenge 2: Integration with Natural Surroundings

The lodge needed to blend seamlessly with the NRA site's natural environment. This required careful selection of materials and design elements that harmonized with the landscape. Our choice of 70mm logs and natural finishes helped achieve this integration beautifully.

2 bedroom lodge

Results and Client Feedback

As the project nears completion, the results are already visible and impressive. The lodge stands as a testament to our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Key Outcomes:

  • Enhanced Comfort: The insulated roof and floor ensure a comfortable indoor environment, regardless of the season.
  • Durable Construction: The use of robust logs and high-quality materials guarantees longevity and minimal maintenance.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The lodge's design and finishes blend perfectly with the NRA site's natural beauty, creating a harmonious and inviting space.

The NRA team has expressed their satisfaction with the progress and quality of work. They appreciate the meticulous attention to detail and the seamless integration of the lodge into the landscape.

2 bedroom lodge

Future Prospects

This project has strengthened our relationship with the National Rifle Association, opening doors for future collaborations. As we complete the internal finishes and add the final touches, we look forward to unveiling the fully finished lodge soon.



The 2-bedroom lodge at the NRA site in Bisley, Guildford, is a shining example of Timber Building Specialists' expertise in creating custom timber structures. From the initial design phase to the near-completion status, every step has been executed with precision and care. This project not only meets but exceeds client expectations, reinforcing our reputation for delivering top-tier bespoke builds.


Frequently Asked Questions


What materials were used to construct the lodge?

The lodge was constructed using robust 70mm thick wall logs, chosen for their durability and aesthetic appeal. High-quality insulating materials were used for the roof and floor to ensure year-round comfort.

What kind of insulation was used in the lodge?

Advanced thermal materials were used to insulate both the roof and floor, enhancing energy efficiency and maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the seasons.

Can the lodge be customised further?

Yes, Timber Building Specialists offer a range of customisation options to suit individual preferences, including different finishes, additional features, and personalised design elements.

Is the lodge suitable for year-round living?

Absolutely. The insulation and high-quality materials ensure that the lodge is comfortable and energy-efficient throughout the year, making it suitable for year-round living.

What maintenance is required for the lodge?

Routine maintenance includes periodic checks and reapplication of protective finishes to keep the logs and other materials in excellent condition. Regular cleaning and minor touch-ups will help maintain the aesthetic and structural integrity of the lodge.

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