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ORIENTAL-4+ Log Cabin | 4.7x3.2m +3.0m

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ORIENTAL-4+ Log Cabin | 4.7x3.2m +3.0m

ORIENTAL-4+ | Log Cabin For Sale


ORIENTAL-4+ 4.7x3.2m Plus 3.0m Pavillion

By Timber Building Specialists

  • The timber material the houses are made of is 100% Nordic high-quality spruce
  • The doors and windows are produced from extra-dry (8-12%) laminated timber
  • The windows are glazed, open in both directions and contain 100% of the furnishings
  • The doors are glazed and contain of the furnishings
  • The ceiling and floor are of the 18mm thick profile board
  • The foundation beams are of autoclave impregnated timber
  • The set always includes storm bars
  • 100% of the fixation equipment (nails, screws)
  • Installation drawings and plans

Log Cabin Specifications

External Dimensions (W x D): 470 x 320 cm + 300 cm
Wall Dimensions (W x D): 450 x 300 cm
Log thickness: 40mm
Side wall height: 211/222 cm
Ridge Height: 234 cm
Roof surface: ca 27,7 m²
Roof boards: 18 mm
Front overhang: 30 cm
Roof tilting angle: 2°
Floor boards: 18 mm
Treated bearers: 45 x 70 mm
Floor surface: ca 12,8 m²
Double glazed door: 840 x 1955 mm / 1425 x 1955 mm


At Timber Building Specialists, we offer nationwide delivery across the UK for all our products. Our delivery vehicles are specially designed to cater to different products, and we rely on our customers to inform us of any restrictions when ordering. Generally, we require a 10ft wide clear access with a 10ft height restriction, but with our expertise and experience, we can overcome most obstacles as long as we are informed in advance. In some cases, an additional fee may be charged. Our friendly and professional staff are always available to assist you in case of any doubts, so please do not hesitate to contact us.


Bespoke Log Cabin

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If you would like to make amendments to one of our cabins, or would you prefer a fully bespoke design, Fill in our custom log cabin form with some details on your project and upload your plans for a free, no obligation quote. Our experienced team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Log Cabin Features

Features of the ORIENTAL-4+ Log Cabin | 4.7x3.2m +3.0m

ORIENTAL-4+ 4.7x3.2m Log Cabin

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ORIENTAL-4+ 4.7x3.2m Log Cabin
Standard Log Cabins For Sale

ORIENTAL-4+ Log Cabin | 4.7x3.2m +3.0m


ORIENTAL-4+ 4.7x3.2m Plus 3.0m Pavillion

By Timber Building Specialists

Log Thickness

  • 40mm
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