Log Cabin For The National Trust

Log Cabin For The National Trust - Timber Building Specialists

National Trust Log Cabin Built By Timber Building Specialists 

Log Cabin for the NATIONAL TRUST being utilised as a Tea Room at the Longshaw estate in the Peak District


  • 7m x 4m 
  • 68mm Log Cabin 
  • Insulated Floor and Roof
  • Screw Pile Base 



National Trust Tea Room

The requirement was for a building within 30sqm To seat and serve customers for drinks and hot food whilst visiting the Longshaw estate on the Peak District

log cabin for the national trust

National Trust Recommendation

We came recommended from a previous customer at the Neuromuscular Centre in Winsford. They visited 2 of our previous builds to check the quality and all sorts of due diligence to become an authorised supplier.

log cabin tea room for the national trust

The Fit

We planned the fitting 2nd week on Feb for what should of been a 4 day job however the Peak District had severe weather issues (as did all the 
UK) and we arrived to a foot of snow on one occasion - so the overall job took 2 weeks to complete.....


national trust log cabin tea room

The Finish

  • Screw pile base with Timber Frame
  • 50mm Insulation to Floor and Roof
  • Roofing Shingles
  • Clear Oil Finish

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