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Custom 10x6m Log Cabin in 95m logs, To Fit Around A Swimspa

Log Cabin with Spa

Designing a Custom Log Cabin with an In Situ Swim Spa in Derbyshire

Have you ever dreamed of having a custom log cabin built to your exact specifications in a stunning location? Well, that's exactly what one of our clients in Derbyshire wanted. With a 7-meter swim spa already in situ, we were tasked with designing a log cabin around it. In this blog post, we'll take you through our process of transforming this dream into a reality.
Log Cabin with internal spa

Construction Of The Swimspa Log Cabin.

We started by carefully considering all of our client's requirements. They wanted a fully customised log cabin made from heavy-duty logs, measuring 10m x 6m. We opted for 95mm x 185mm logs and engineered 250mm x 100mm roof perlins to ensure durability and structural integrity. The design had to incorporate two exact roof openings for sky lanterns, which added a unique touch to the overall look of the cabin. Precision openings also had to be made for the retro fitting of two 4m aluminium bifold doors, three rear windows, and a side door.
Timber Building Specialist Log Cabin For Swimspa 1 (3)

Externally Painted Log Cabin

The cabin was painted externally with Sadolin Classic antique Pine and varnished with clear Osmo on the walls and floor on the inside. We also picked out the huge roof perlins in black to add a contemporary touch. We used 100mm celotex insulation on the roof and floor to keep the cabin warm and energy-efficient. We then completed everything with an EPDM rubber roofing system.
One of the biggest challenges of this project was working around the existing swim spa that was already in place. We had to rework the floor layout and boards to cut around it and also allow for a trapdoor access for future maintenance. We are proud to say that our team managed to overcome this obstacle with ease.
Transporting and fitting the cabin also presented some challenges. Due to the size of the cabin, a huge portable crane was hired to lift the 8 pallets into the client's back garden. Fitting the cabin took six days, with overnight local accommodation required. Unfortunately, we did lose two full days due to heavy rain, but we still managed to complete the project within the given timeframe.
Timber Building Specialist Log Cabin For Swimspa

Timber Building Specialist Log Cabin For Swimspa


The final result is an impressive and well-built log cabin that meets our client's every requirement. The client was delighted with the finished product, as were we. This project showcased our expertise in custom log cabin design and building. If you're interested in having a custom log cabin built in Derbyshire or any other location, contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements. We're confident that we can turn your dream into a reality, just like we did for our Derbyshire client.


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