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Timber Garages - Why are they so popular - Timber Building Specialists

Timber Garages - Why are they so popular

Timber Garages - Why are they so popular

Timber Garages - Why are they so popular - Timber Building Specialists

Timber Garages - Why so popular?

The wooden garage is becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking to develop and invest in their properties. When looking to keep their cars in a dry, secure place, increase storage space for DIY equipment or even build a work shop for their business - homeowners are regularly opting for bespoke timber garages instead of concrete or metal alternatives.

The ease of installation for timber garages makes them a serious contender when deciding how invest in your property. These durable and long lasting structures can be installed quickly with minimal tools, making it possible to build your garage in as little time period as you need! As the installation process of a timber garage is relatively simple, it makes it likely that you'll be able to start using your new space in just a couple of days. 


Timber Garage Base

Wooden garages also require less foundation than their concrete counterparts - so not only are they cheaper option from a materials perspective, but they speed up construction time too! Potentially saving hundreds if not thousands of pounds.


The Value Of A Timber Garage

While offering an aesthetic, and in turn potential financial value to a property - with a little care, they can be much easier to preserve and maintain than metal or concrete garages, especially where your build may be susceptible to exposure from the elements. Rust and corrosion, is often a very costly fix, and can look incredibly unsightly if left to develop untreated. 

Though treating the timber with a suitable preservative will ensure your garage lasts for decades, if any section experiences damage, it can easily be replaced. Simply remove the damaged piece of timber and replace with new boards - quite different than concrete or metal structures which often require maintenance work on an entire structure before being put back to use again.


Wood is also a fantastic, natural insulator. This makes the temperature in your garage or workshop much more stable and potentially cuts down on energy costs for heating or cooling! If insulation is important to maintain during winter months when outside temperatures may drop below freezing, timber offers a much more controllable environment than can be said for metal or concrete structures.


Get Your Timber Garage From the Timber Building Specialists!

As a dedicated team, Timber Building Specialists pride ourselves on outstanding service, and we are aware that many of those who want to implement a wooden garage into their property may not be DIY savvy. We offer delivery & erect services so all installation hassles are taken care off while still giving total customer satisfaction guarantee. Whether from one of our predesigned timber garage kits, or a completely bespoke build to serve your exact needs, our expert team will work with you from start to finish, to create a space perfect for you.

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How long do timber garages last?

Wooden garages in general last 10 - 15 years, If treated and maintained properly, this can often be increased to 25 years.

Do I need building regulations for a timber garage?

Only if it exceeds certain criteria. Outbuildings with a floor area of between 15-30m², positioned at least 1m from property boundaries, do not require building regulations approval. For more information, visit our page on log cabin building regulations 

Does a wooden garage need planning permission?

Timber buildings are generally not considered permanent structures, and therefor often don’t require planning permission if they’re less than four metres high and erected more than two metres away from the property boundary.

Garages are not a permitted development within the grounds of a listed building.

Find out more in our planning laws section. 


Do you install Timber garages?

Yes, we offer installation with all our timber buildings and timber garages. We can advise on base works, fitting, design orientation, treatment, drainage, electrics, roofing finish, ventilation, insulation. All important factors to consider in your purchase.


Do you offer UK Wide Delivery? 

Yes, we delivery all over the UK, we offer free delivery 50m radius of coventry, outside this are please get in touch for a quote. More details can be found on our Delivery T&Cs page.

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