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bespoke garen log cabin office, in dove grey paint

Bespoke garden offices: work from home in a cosy, quiet log cabin

Bespoke garden offices: work from home in a cosy, quiet log cabin

bespoke garen log cabin office, in dove grey paint

In these days of lockdowns and makeshift home offices, at least we get to enjoy plenty of family time during our working days. Although having said that, we can also have too much of a good thing!

By now we’ve all seen countless fail videos of busy Zoom and Teams users, where loved ones and pets come wandering happily (or attention-seekingly) into live streams, meetings and even TV broadcasts. It’s cute; it’s funny; and it reminds us that even the highest-profile professionals are human beings with home lives, too.

But over time, the novelty of home working wears off. These interruptions cause major distractions when people have customers to help, sales to close, and businesses to run.

Added to that, the working landscape is changing rapidly – and perhaps even permanently. The lines are blurring between home and workplace, with many people perfectly happy to split their working weeks between home and the office, long-term.

With such fundamental changes to the way we work, some professionals have taken to renting out office space (or former-café space) away from home, all for the sake of producing their best work free from distractions. But there’s also a far simpler, more personal alternative for out-of-office working: investing in a brand
new garden office, in a peaceful, and extremely comfortable, bespoke log cabin.

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Why choose a log cabin for your home office?

A bespoke log cabin creates your own peaceful, professional space

Domestic commutes are brilliant, but turning that spare bedroom into a home office can be cramped, distracting and impractical. Loved ones don’t mean to, but they do interrupt. Even ambient noise can be distracting when you’re trying to concentrate; whether it’s the hiss of traffic or the sounds of family or housemates just living their lives around you. It’s hard to admit, but when home and working life collide unexpectedly then things can, quietly, become a strain.

That’s where a garden office in a
custom log cabin gives you the perfect escape. With your own plentiful space, your home-office comforts and all the peace and quiet you need, you could well find that your focus and productivity skyrockets – and your overall work performance with it.

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A new log cabin gives you the perfect winter refuge

While some home workers have a dedicated study or spare bedroom to work from, others aren’t so lucky – with many breadwinners being consigned to attics, cellars or garages due to limited space. And the problem only compounds during those long winter months. Damp, poorly insulated home offices create the perfect conditions for cold hands, freezing toes, lack of concentration, and even mould spores and poor health. The long-term result: a miserable state of mind, especially when tackling demanding work in a challenging economy.

The alternative, of course, is a brand-new log cabin with a beautiful garden view – complete with your choice of double glazing, plentiful space for cosy central heating, and a vast choice of sizes to strike the perfect balance between square footage and proper temperature control. Add in your kettle or coffee maker, a mini-fridge and a TV beside your full-size office desk, and you could be watching the snow fall from your very own garden office, a snug little slice of serenity… and all in time for Christmas.

A new log cabin makes the perfect gift to brighten up a dismal year

Millions of hard-working people have had their lives on hold lately, with the past few months taking a terrible toll on countless families. Entire populations have sacrificed everything from social occasions and weekend breaks to treats like new clothes and even holidays abroad. Though while so many sectors are suffering, the home and DIY market is as busy as ever – with people desperate to see all their hard work reflected in their homes and gardens, at least. Because when it really comes down to it, we all just want to see some kind of reward for our long (and increasingly tough) working lives.

That’s where a useful, tangible, built-to-last gift like a new log cabin could make a wonderful consolation for a truly long and challenging year. Whether it’s for a dedicated garden office, a five-star workshop, a peaceful place to escape or a fantastic new playroom for the kids, a smart, cosy log cabin could give you and your loved ones the best possible takeaway from one relentlessly dismal year!

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