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Log Cabin Lodge in Scotland - Timber Building Specialists

Log Cabin Lodge in Scotland

Log Cabin Lodge in Scotland

Log Cabin Lodge in Scotland - Timber Building Specialists

This stunning Log Cabin Lodge situated up in Scotland was recently built and fitted by the Timber Building Specialists. It is an impressive 23x7 meter lodge, boasting three bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and generous storage space as well as an open plan lounge area - all fully insulated with thick 68mm logs. The structure was secured using heavy-duty ground screws for the base and a strong timber frame

The Timber Building Specialists have been working on this project for several weeks now, ensuring that each aspect of the build process is completed to a high standard. Careful consideration has been given to every detail of this Log Cabin Lodge - from selecting only the finest woods to ensuring that no part of the cabin is left exposed or unprotected from the elements

Not only does this Log Cabin Lodge look beautiful, but it also offers superior insulation when compared to other cabins due to its thick walls and heat retention capabilities. This will help keep your family warm and cosy during even the coldest winter months in Scotland. In addition, due to its robust construction it is designed to last for many years without requiring any major repairs or maintenance

Overall, this Log Cabin Lodge has been expertly crafted by the Timber Building Specialists, who have used their expertise and experience to create a structure which looks wonderful when viewed both inside and out, whilst also being able to withstand even the harshest weather conditions in Scotland. With its attractive design features coupled with its great insulation and durability, this cabin is sure to be enjoyed for many years by its lucky owners!


Log Cabin Lodge In Scotland 

At Timber Building Specialists, we are proud to have recently completed a stunning log cabin lodge located in Scotland. This state-of-the-art 23m x 7m frame was built using ground screws for the foundation and a timber frame for support.

The lodge includes 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and storage area as well as a spacious open plan lounge. The walls of the lodge were constructed from thick 68mm logs for better insulation and warmth. Furthermore, the roof and floor were both insulated to further protect against extreme temperatures

On top of this, we applied 30 minutes of fire treatment onto the frame before varnishing the internal floors and painting both the external walls and roofing with high-quality weatherproof paint. Lastly, our team fitted an outdoor decking area around the log cabin so that visitors can enjoy the beautiful Scottish scenery without having to leave their private paradise!

Overall, our team is delighted with how this project turned out and what we believe to be one of our best builds yet! If you are looking for an escape or just somewhere special to relax then look no further than Timber Building Specialists’ Log Cabin Lodge in Scotland - where luxury meets nature!


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