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Best Log Cabins for Commercial Purposes - Timber Building Specialists

Best Log Cabins for Commercial Purposes

Best Log Cabins for Commercial Purposes

Best Log Cabins for Commercial Purposes - Timber Building Specialists

Best Lodge Log Cabins for Commercial Purposes

Some of the best memories for many Brits are packing up the car and heading to a camping ground or holiday park nestled away somewhere in the beautiful British countryside. Enjoying the great outdoors with family or schoolmates and finishing the day in a cosy cabin, camping hut, or tent has been an integral part of British childhood for generations.

“Stay-cations” are a roaring trend nationwide and are set to become even more popular in the coming years. Holiday parks and camping grounds throughout the UK have seen an increase in annual visitors and revenue and are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd.


If you currently run such a park or are interested in opening one, the first port of call should always be top-of-the-range accommodation. It doesn’t matter how well-kept or picturesque your park or grounds might be if the sleeping quarters are sub-par.


Our expertly crafted bespoke log cabins are so versatile that they can be used for almost any purpose in any setting. Whether you want to upgrade your site from camping to glamping, diversify your current accommodation offerings, or are looking to make a grand entrance into the holiday cabin market, Timber Building Specialists are here to make it happen.

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Why Choose Timber Building Specialists?

·     Industry Leading Quality 

The level of craftsmanship that goes into every one of our cabins is second-to-none. We use only the highest quality slow-grown timbers to ensure not only the best standard and long-lasting excellence, but also to ensure a seamless flow between our builds and the nature that surrounds them. Every design is tested thoroughly, and our partially patented structures provide unparalleled safety and reliability.


·     Bespoke Service 

Your vision is important to us. We work closely with camp owners to customise every order to meet your exact specifications and requirements. Why simply pick from a catalogue when you could have unique cabins or lodges designed specifically for your business. Call us to use our experts and bespoke log cabin service.


·     We Are There Every Step of the Way 

From picking a look to executing the finishing touches on the build, our experts are there. The design team can talk you through every element that goes into the creation before our highly professional construction team deliver, build, and perfect the structure on site. On the off chance you feel a concern along the way, there is always a team member on hand to answer your questions and put your mind at ease.


Cabins for Campsites

Us Brits love camping, with roughly 10,000,000 visits to campgrounds and caravan sites every year. The weather does not necessarily always respect this hobby, and as such, tents are not always a viable option. Some people also actively avoid tents at all costs, preferring their outdoor adventures to end the day with a certain level of luxury.


The good thing about running a campsite is that you don’t need your cabins stocked full of amenities; they just need to be a warm and comfortable place to spend the night. A lot of people enjoy the stripped-back nature of camping, even if they do opt for solid walls over fabric ones. To this end, choosing some basic but well-constructed log cabins is a good way to go. To "glamp it up," you need only talk to our bespoke team to discuss what extra features are addable, from finishing with a kitchen to hot water appliances for showers.

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Best for Small Groups: The Bunkie

One of our favourite camping options is the Timber Building Specialist "Bunkie." This dinky construction comes in at a little under 14.5 squared metres of usable space with a handy two-person sleeping area tucked up in the apex roof. The walls stand tall enough to accommodate bunk beds, and the floor space allows for two sets, making this a perfect den for groups of up to six people.

You could also opt to only include one set and incorporate a small kitchenette area for a more upscale offering if your camp setup allows. From the outside looking in, the Bunkie is sleek and classic. Inside can be dressed up or down to match the vibe of your business. Add colourful, quirky furnishings and art pieces if you want to market towards the Instagram-loving backpacker scene. Alternatively, create a family-friendly atmosphere with soft colours and a neutral base.


Best for Families: The Mikko

Families who camp together stay together, but staying in separate rooms is often preferable. Many campsites are spread out, and it can be a pain trying to find individual rooms as close together as possible. The Mikko is the solution

This two-room log cabin with separate doors provides ample space for parents and children to enjoy privately but connected. If you enquire about our bespoke services, it is also possible to incorporate a connecting door between rooms, something a lot of parents value and that most places do not offer.

The 70mm walls protect against even the harsher weather during unfortunately timed trips, as do the double-glazed windows and reinforced doors. It may be a simple concept, but the Mikko is ideal for a family who wants to get the "back-to-nature" feel of camping but also a good night's sleep. 


Best for Large Groups: The Trento

If your site is prone to school trips or other large troops, the Trento is your friend. With more than 100 square metres of usable floor space, this 70mm log cabin can be anything you want it to be. Perfect for hostel-style bunking (one shared open area) or dividing into multiple smaller dorms, the Trento is a fantastic addition to large camps.


Log Cabin Lodges for Holiday Parks

Timber Building Specialists' range of log cabin lodges, mobile homes and residential log cabins is an excellent investment for anyone looking to open or expand a stylish, modern, and comfortable holiday park. Whether your location is near a city or way out in the sticks, lodges are an attractive option both visually and financially. 


Guest love the idea of spending a few nights in a lodge by the lake or a log cabin in a forest holiday park, and owners love the economic benefits of this type of building. You can create a woodland wonderland or lakeside getaway filled with top-of-the-range cabins and lodges at significantly lower building and maintenance costs. You need never compromise on quality with Timber Building Specialists whether its at our Log cabins Manchester Branch, or cabin for sale scotland. 

 Log Cabin Lodge At A Holiday park

The TBS lodge Log Cabin Range: Perfect for Woodland Holiday Parks

Our Value Range is all about the forest. The UK is home to some magical wooded areas packed full of outdoor activities and attractions, and we believe it deserves equally charming accommodations. Any one of our forest log cabin lodges could have been lifted from the pages of a fairy-tale and dropped right into your holiday park.


The type of holidaymakers who like to spend their vacation time in the great outdoors appreciate nature and are sure to love the subtle elegance of the Nordic spruce lodges against the forest backdrop. We have an impressive range of sizes available. As always, every cabin or lodge is customisable by yourself and our expert bespoke designers.


Log Cabin Homes for Sale: Airbnb or Holiday Rentals

Airbnb and similar travel arrangements have taken UK tourism by storm, with well over 200,000 active listings in the country at any given time. People use their spare rooms, second homes, or unused spaces to generate extra income, and guests love it!


The "home away from home" feeling appeals to many, hence why more and more of us are turning to Airbnb to rent other people's houses. Now, imagine you could combine that market with the log cabin market. Well, you can.


TBS has an exquisite selection of log cabin homes for sale, whether for personal use, holiday rentals, or a bit of both. At a fraction of the cost of even a deposit on a multi-roomed house, you can buy a beautifully crafted bespoke log cabin. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms is entirely up to you. Our designers work alongside you to create your dream home: one that is sure to jump off the page at anyone scrolling through Airbnb.


Cost is not the only appeal to acquiring a Timber Building Specialist log cabin home as a rental for extra income. There is more focus now than ever before on eco-friendly living and reduced carbon footprint. This type of cabin has a massive appeal to eco-tourists who want to enjoy nature without harming it.


Log cabin homes are also formidably weather-proof and self-sufficient when it comes to heat regulation. The natural materials, backed up with high-quality insulations, conduct heat well, keeping inside warm in winter and cool in summer. Your guests are sure to thank you for it, as are your energy bills!


No matter what type of commercial property or residential log home you are looking for, Timber Building Specialists is the place to go. Our unrivalled craftsmanship and quality, top-quality materials and practices, excellent customer service, and fully bespoke design team are all part of what makes us the prime choice for all your log cabin needs or verandas for schools.

The domestic holiday market in the UK is booming, and the demand for high standard sleeping quarters on the rise. Campsites, glamping sites, and holiday parks can all benefit from a TBS upgrade. Our bespoke teams can travel to any location in the UK to meet with you personally and discuss your vision. They remain on hand throughout the entire process.

Log cabins and lodges are fantastic solutions for living acomodtion which are bound to make you and your business stand out from the crowd. Not sure where to start? check out our garden log cabins for sale

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