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bespoke log cabin

Is designing a bespoke log cabin a good investment?

Is designing a bespoke log cabin a good investment?

bespoke log cabin

If you have some space outside your property that you want to maximise the potential of, timber buildings can be the answer. They are available in a wide range of configurations to suit a variety of purposes. But why should you settle for something that was designed with someone else's requirements in mind? It's now more affordable than ever to design and build your own log cabin.

But should you? Is it a worthwhile investment? The answer is a resounding yes.

Getting something tailored for you

So what does it mean when we say a bespoke log cabin is a good investment? It revolves around the idea of making the most of your money, of getting every ounce of usability out of your timber garden buildings as possible. For that, you need input at the design stage.

Think about what you want your timber building to actually be - there are so many options. Do you want somewhere to sit and read on a warm summer's evening? Do you want a home office that doesn't actually take up space in your home? Do you want a studio or workshop space to indulge in your hobbies or to facilitate operating your home business? The options are really endless for what you can do.

Ultimately that means you can have your building designed around your needs, rather than altering the way you work to fit the space that you have. With that, the building is going to be usable for longer, because it has been designed specifically with you in mind.

Is it difficult to design a bespoke log cabin?

In a word - no. There may have been a time when getting a garden building designed individually for you would have been time consuming and expensive. But that is not the case now. Developments in technology allow prototyping and the development of ideas to be done virtually, which means you can alter aspects of the design in real time to ensure everything is perfect before final plans are drawn.

As timber is a relatively affordable and plentiful material to work with, the manufacture and ultimate construction of your
bespoke designed log cabin won't be difficult either. At Timber Building Specialists we, as our name implies, are experts in everything relating to the design and construction of a range of timber buildings.


Speak to the pro's

While our bespoke service allows you the freedom to design a log cabin of your choice, our friendly and professional team is always on hand to give you advice and help when required. To build your own log cabin with a top-quality business, get in touch with Timber Building Specialists.

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