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garden office log cabin

Top 5 reasons why working from home in a garden office log cabin is so popular

Top 5 reasons why working from home in a garden office log cabin is so popular

garden office log cabin

Transform your home office with a garden log cabin

Why a log cabin makes an ideal home office

At Timber Building Specialists we are experts in helping our customers maximise their garden space for a whole host of different reasons. Our garden cabins are fully bespoke and can be set up for countless different purposes to help you transform your extra space to meet your needs. One of the most common uses we see for people contacting Timber Building Specialists is to help establish a home office in their garden. This can be an ideal solution for those looking to set up a dynamic, flexible and engaging remote workspace. Timber Building Specialists are one of the leading providers in custom log cabins across the whole of the UK and we even back this up by providing free delivery on all UK mainland orders. Recent restrictions have seen many enterprises redeploy their staff to a home-working environment but taking on a professional role from home isn’t always easy. From sharing out home school supervision duties to that ever-present list of chores, there are multiple distractions to contend with. While many working from home have set up temporary offices in spare rooms and at the dining tables during the day, another option for remote working is to get outside the house entirely.


We have helped many customers all across the UK establish their perfect garden environment. We offer a huge range of log cabins that covers Summer houses, garden rooms, Games Room, holiday homes and much, much more. One of our most popular services is our garden home office so we have taken the time to set out our top 5 reasons why you should consider getting a garden office from Timber Building Specialists. 


log cabin painted white with a green trim

1) Free up space in your house 

Room with a natural view

Having a completely separate room that resides outside of your home life can help with getting your work mindset in place. Log cabins can be designed to create a new environment on your property that looks and feels like your business allowing you to focus on your professional role. One of our top uses for any of our log cabins is to help free up some valuable space on your house. This can be even more beneficial for our customers that choose to use our garden buildings as a home office space. Taking advantage of one of our garden office cabins can help free up an entire room in your house. Many people that work from home or enjoy having an office in their house often have to assign an entire room to that purpose. Using a Timber Building Specialists garden office can help you get that room back. Your Garden Office can help you free up space by doing the following: 


• Set Up Your Desk In Your Garden Office 

• Move Important Files & Documents To Your Safe and Secure Garden Office

• Move Additional Office Furniture To Your Outdoor Office 

• Invest In Larger and More Substantial office Furniture With Your New Found Space


2) Tranquil Space To Help Concentration 

Staying focused

Based in your garden, you can position your new office with the best view of your personal greenspace and when you want a quick break, it’s never been easier to get fresh air. Working from home certainly has its advantages. People that work from home often experience much more freedom and satisfaction in their work but it can be difficult for those people to maintain their concentration. Many of our customers opt for one of our log cabins because it gives them a place they can relax and take advantage of the tranquil spaces we create for them. This combined with one of our garden offices creates a unique environment for our customers where they can take advantage of all the benefits of working from home but in a space that is calming and relaxing to be in. This helps many business professionals circumvent much of the stress, pressure, and mental strain that comes from many jobs. 

3) Ideal For Meetings

An ideal working environment

One of the main drawbacks faced by customers in a working from home environment is having additional space if you need to have members of your team round for a meeting or a group training session. Log cabins make great home offices, supplying all the comforts you need to tackle your inbox and important calls. Cabins can come well-insulated, so you’ll not only be warm and comfortable but free from unwanted noise outside. Customers who take advantage of our medium-large sized log cabins can enjoy that extra bit of space to have their team round. Having this extra space is also great for freelancers who want a professional and flexible space to present and pitch to potential clients. Just some of the advantages of using one of our larger buildings include: 


• Custom Meeting Spaces     • Presentation Space      • Team Training Space.     • Client Pitching Area


Berstch holzbau log cabin garden office

4) Helps Create a Professional Environment 

An ideal working environment

For many that work from home, it can be difficult to establish what it means to have a professional working environment. For most people, a home is full of distractions in the form of family, friends, pets, television, games, and much more. Using a log cabin for a home office space can help create a divide between your professional space and your personal space. Many of our customers that have used one of our bespoke garden cabins as a home office space have seen huge benefits in their overall productivity as well as claiming to have gained a much better work/life balance. Having this space helps with having a clearly defined area that you go to for work with many customers comparing it to when they would go to a traditional office in terms of productivity. A Garden Office helps create a balance between a nice and personal working environment without the distractions of a traditional home office. 

5) Enhances Work/Life Balance 

Best of both worlds

We touched on this briefly in the previous point but by choosing a Timber Building Specialists log cabin as a home office you can massively improve your work-life balance. Customers who opt to have a garden office when they work from home see huge benefits after having the convenience of home comforts so close to a professional working environment. Some of the top benefits of using a garden office space to strike a healthy work-life balance include: 


• Close To The Amenities of Your Home 

• Separate Your Work and Personal Space

• Eliminate All Your Commuting Time

• Keep Your Personal and Professional Lives Separate     

• Flexible Working Hours and Space 



Considering a home office of your own?

You can count on the Timber Building Specialists

Timber Building Specialists have extensive experience in assisting people to set up an outdoor office. Our garden home offices and garden rooms are an ideal answer to those needing to find some peace and privacy away from a busy household. We have a wide range of exceptional log cabins available to suit all size requirements including large, medium, and small so you can create your new home office. You might be an SME in need of a mid to large size cabin with additional storage space and room for staff meetings or an entrepreneur striking out on their own with need of a smaller solution, but whatever your individual requirements are, our timber cabins can provide the perfect option.

Of course, at Timber Building Specialists we are a little bias but we feel that using one of our log cabins is a fantastic solution for anyone looking to 
work from home . Each of our cabins can be tailored specifically to your needs and our team are always on hand to discuss what solution works best for you. In addition to that, we offer free delivery of our products all across the UK mainland. If you have ever considered working from home but you aren’t sure how it would work then this may be the solution for you. Equally so, if you already work from home and are looking for a way to enhance your office space and separate your professional and personal life then a Timber Building Specialist garden office could be the ideal solution. 

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