Benefits Of A Summer House

inside a log cabin summerhouse

Benefits Of A Summer House

At Timber Building Specialists one of the most common uses for our log cabins is to create a totally unique and dynamic summer house for people’s gardens. A Summer house can have a huge impact on transforming people’s gardens and can give them a unique space outside of their home that adds huge amounts of value to their garden and free space. A Summer house can be used for a multitude of different reasons and tend to be one of the most flexible products we provide for our customers. Many customers use our summer houses for a variety of different reasons ranging from games rooms to garden and home offices
All of our buildings are Timber Building Specialists can be bespoke ordered to meet your individual needs and requirements which means that we can work alongside you to create your perfect summer house. We have been helping customers for years by providing them with their perfect summer houses and in this blog post we are going to take a look at our top 5 benefits of getting a Timber Building Specialists Summer House. If you have any questions about anything in this blog or want to get started on getting your own Summer House then get in touch with our team today
Summer House Games Room
Summer House Log Cabin
Summer House Home Office

Summer Houses: 

Organise Your Garden 

Summer houses can be a fantastic way of organising your garden to keep it tidy and clean. Our summer house designs not only look beautiful but can blend seamlessly into the nature of your garden or stand out as a unique and bold statement of your identity. Alongside this our summer houses act as a fantastic way to keep your garden tidy and organised. As well as providing somewhere for your family and friends to hang out all year round our summer houses can also give you a place to store garden furniture, tools, and toys. This helps keep your garden tidy and organised but also helps keep your belongings safe from the harsher weather during the winter. 
Summer House Tidy Garden

Summer Houses: 

Adding Value

Adding value is one of the things we are most proud of with our summer house range. When we say adding value we mean that in several different ways. Firstly, when you add a summer house to your home you are increasing the financial value of your house. As our products are incredibly high quality having one of our summer houses at your property essentially adds an extra room to your home which can be highly appealing to buyers making it easier to sell your home and also add financial value beyond the initial investment in your summer house. Secondly, our summer homes add extra value by giving you a space close to your house that you can enjoy all year round with your friends and family for a multitude of different reasons. 
Summer House Adding Value

Summer Houses: 

Perfect Space All Year Round

Due to the robust build quality of your Timber Building Specialist summer house it is a building that you can enjoy all year round. Our buildings are made from the highest quality timbers which means they are perfect for withstanding the harsh winter weather associated with the UK. This means regardless of if you need a space to enjoy summer BBQs with friends and family or a getaway to escape from the house during the winter then one of our summer houses can be the perfect solution. 
Summer House All Year Round

Summer Houses: 

Great For The Kids

For families with children, a Timber Building Specialists Summer House can be a priceless addition to any family home. Our summer houses help create an exciting space away from the house for children to enjoy, they can double up as a games room or entertainment room for children and once they get a little older can also act as a great space for them to hang out with friends. Due to the large size of our summer house range they are also fantastic for storing your children’s toys, bikes, and other outdoor items that you might want to keep a little more safe and secure than in your garden shed. 
Summer House For Children

Summer Houses: 

Doubles Up As A Family or Games Room 

We see many of our customers use our summer houses for a multitude of different reasons but one of the most common is a games room. We touched on the benefits of our log cabins for a games room in a recent blog post but our summer houses also act as a fantastic space for home entertainment. Many Timber Building Specialists customers use our summer houses to invite their friends over for games nights, pool and snooker tournaments, or just generally as an escape away from home to relax with some video games. 
Summer House Family and Games Room

Get Your Timber Building Specialist Summer House

A Timber Building Specialists Summer House is an investment in transforming your garden in a way that has huge positive benefits on you and your family. Regardless of if you want to create a summer getaway, space for the kids to play, a games room, or a home office, our summer houses can be the perfect solution. All of our buildings can be ordered bespoke to your needs to so there has never been a better time to transform your garden with one of our summer houses. We have a team of expert Timber Building Specialists on hand to help advise you and guide you towards finding your perfect outdoor building so get in touch with us today

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