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Log Cabins For Sale - Timber Building Specialists

Log Cabins For Sale

Log Cabins For Sale

Log Cabins For Sale - Timber Building Specialists

Log Cabins For Sale 

As the summer months draw closer it might be time to start considering how you would like to spend your summer. At Timber Building Specialists we have been helping people make the most of their outdoor spaces for years and although our buildings are excellent all year round they really come into their own during the warmer summer months. For many, the thought of a log cabin conjures up an image of a nice relaxing space in the sunshine with the inviting look of a log cabin tranquilly sat with its doors open waiting to welcome friends and family for the summer. At Timber Building Specialists we have a huge range of Log Cabins For Sale to help make your dream summer become a reality. 


There are near endless uses of the log cabins for sale we have but at Timber Building Specialists we have years of experience in helping customers get the most out of their log cabins. What we have found is no two customers are the same and that is why our team at TBS will work alongside our customers to help create a fully bespoke and unique log cabin experience. One of the things that shines through is that customers love the idea of having their very own log cabin home for the summer months. In this article, we take a look at some of the top uses for one of our log cabins for sale during the summer. 


ultimate log cabin garden bar

Log Cabins For Sale: Games Room 

That’s right, the games room you had always dreamed of is now in reach with a Timber Building Specialists log cabin. Many people dream of creating their ideal games room, be that to house a pool table, snooker table, video games room, or all of the above – often peoples dreams are held back by the amount of free space they have in their homes. A Log Cabin For Sale can be the perfect way to get around this, our log cabins are quick and easy to install and our team are on hand to help you every step of the way. Not only that, but our cabins can also be designed bespoke for your needs so that the games room you always wanted may be closer than you thought. 


• Create a Games Room and Save Space in Your Home 

• Create a Space To Relax in Outside of Your Home

• Create a Space For All Your Games Room Needs 

• Enjoy a Space With All Your Friends and Family 


log cabin with games room, bar and pool table

Log Cabins For Sale: 

Holiday Lodge Cabins 

A Holiday Lodge Cabin is a unique experience for any vacation seeker or holiday goer. Often these cabins are situated in a unique location be that in your own outdoor space or at a holiday home venue. The benefits of using the log cabins we have for sale as your very own Holiday Lodge is that our team can help you create your perfect holiday retreat. The Timber Building Specialist team are on hand with a range of bespoke options from measurements, design, delivery, and fitting. To put it simply, if you can picture it, then our team can help make it happen. Some of the best uses our customers have found for our Holiday Lodge Cabins include: 


• A Place For Family & Friends To Stay 

• An Escape Away From Home 

• A Space to Let To Holiday Goers 

• An Extension of Your Home 


We have a huge range of log cabins for sale to choose from so check out our range to see how you could start to transform your dream outdoor space. Once you have an idea in mind simply reach out to the Timber Building Specialists team for more information on how to get started and for any bespoke options you would like. 

Log Cabin Lodge At A Holiday park

Log Cabins For Sale: Garden Office 

The wide range of log cabins for sale at Timber Building Specialists means that we can offer log cabins for a wide and diverse range of purposes. Recently, one of the most common uses for our cabins has been for a home office. So much so that we dedicated a whole article to how you can use Timber Building Specialists for a home or garden office. The demands for remote working are higher than ever and our range of log cabins for sale is the perfect way to create your dream home office. A log cabin can help separate your personal and professional life as well as give you a fully equipped, calm, and relaxing space to work from. Some of the advantages of a log cabin for a home office include: 


• Separation of Personal and Home Life

• Relaxing Space To Work From 

• Ideal Space for Meeting Clients and Team Members 

• Free Up Space in Your Home By Moving To An External Office 


log cabin lodge garden office

The final word…

So, in this article alone we have covered just 3 of the potential uses for our range of log cabins for sale. Looking throughout our website you will see a whole range of different uses for our cabins and you will no doubt have your own ideas as well. The easiest way to find out how one of our log cabins can benefit you is to reach out to the Timber Building Specialists team or check out our Log Cabins page for more information, alternatively, you can self build a log cabin with our log cabin kit.

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