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Top 3 Benefits Of a Garden Log Cabin

Top 3 Benefits Of a Garden Log Cabin

garden log cabin

Our top tips on how a garden log cabin can help transform your free space and your garden! 

At Timber Building Specialists log cabins are what we do, for that reason we can guarantee that investing into one of our garden log cabins is a decision you won’t regret. Due to the incredible build quality, care, and attention to detail that we apply to each and every one of our garden log cabins you can guarantee than investing in one of our cabins will be an investment that provides endless satisfaction and enjoyment. At Timber Building Specialists we have been delivering smiles to our customers faces for years now and with each new garden log cabin we deliver and fit we provide a whole new experience for our customers. Each of our cabins can be bespoke ordered to meet the needs of our customers which means the benefits from our cabins can be completely unique for each one of our customers. 
In this article we are going to take a look at our top 3 benefits our customers have seen from our garden log cabins over the years. This list could be limitless but we have picked out our top 3 reasons to buy one of our cabins for this article to help give you a feel of how our cabins could work for you. If you are an existing garden log cabin owner then get in touch and tell us how you use your cabin, if you are looking to buy a cabin then drop us a message and tell us what you’d use it for! 

All Year Round Benefits:

One of the best things about our Garden Log Cabins is that they can be enjoyed all year round. With the temperamental weather in the UK it means you can go from a beautiful sunny day to horrendous rain and storms the next. For this reason our cabins are designed to withstand even the harshest weathers meaning you are free to enjoy your garden log cabin regardless of the weather. Just some suggestions of seasonal use for our garden log cabins include: 
• A space to enjoy during BBQs and garden parties in the summer 
• A place to hang out in the colder months for movie nights and dinner parties
• A great way to embrace Christmas and set up additional decorations or even transform you cabin into a ‘Santa’s grotto’ for the kids

Games Room

One of the most common uses of our garden log cabins is for a games room. We say this throughout our website but if you have ever dreamed of having your perfect man/woman cave and the perfect getaway to relax and enjoy some games then our log cabins can be the perfect solution. Many of our customers use our cabins for a games room and the different ways in which they do so always surprise us. Some of the most popular uses for a garden log cabin games room include: 
• Snooker or Pool Table Space
• Table Football 
• TV and Games Console Set up 
• PC Gamer desk and ‘battlestation’ 
• Tabletop games space 

Home Office

We recently published a post on the benefits of using one of our garden log cabins as a home office. In the current climate more and more people are working from home and more businesses are embracing their team working remotely. With that many people are now struggling to find office space at home and more importantly a space that lets them separate business and personal life. It is important for many of our customers to have separation between their work and their personal life which is why many turn towards our cabins as a home office. Some of the benefits seen from using our cabins as a home office include: 
• A space for work without distractions 
• A space for team meetings and training sessions 
• A space for storing inventory and stock for eCommerce businesses 
• A space to create distance between home and professional life 

Garden Log Cabins

So, there we have out, our top 3 uses for our garden log cabins. This has just been a short glimpse of how our cabins can help transform your free space and your life. Each and every one of our customers has a unique and exciting use for our products. If you have an idea you’d like to discuss with us or if you’d like further information then our team are on hand to help. Give our team a call today or drop us a message and let’s get started on transforming your space with one of our bespoke garden log cabins. 

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